As a company, we will not harm the ecological balance with all our activities, We will work to improve the environmental awareness of the relevant parties, We will ensure that the wastes are minimized at their source, re-used and recycled whenever possible, that the wastes that cannot be used are disposed of with appropriate methods, We will ensure the efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources. , We will continuously develop and improve our management system, We will provide all kinds of protection to prevent negative effects on the health of our employees and the people who will be affected by our activities, and to control the accidents, damages and dangers that may occur to our own and other persons' property at the very beginning, We will make the CISK management system understanding a philosophy of life by developing the awareness, We will also monitor the hazards related to occupational health and safety with the same sensitivity. We will do our best to minimize them, We will comply with our legal obligations, the current Environmental and OHS legislation and the conditions of the organizations we are a member of, We will work to improve the environmental and OHS awareness of the relevant parties, We will adapt the philosophy of continuous improvement and systems to the MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in all processes. We undertake that we will bring innovation and efficiency to all personnel, increase the market share, profitability and competitiveness in this direction.