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The CSM high-speed tubular stranders are constructed with durability and efficiency in mind to meet the most demanding production requirements.
Tubular strander is used to strand copper wire, aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR) and aluminum wire as well as strand steel wire ropes in the wire and cable industry. Tubular stranding machines have played the dominant role in the wire rope industry and they are essentia  for the manufacture of steel wire strand and rope.

Technic Information
Wire Diameter 0,50 - 2,50 mm
Finished Strand Diameter maX. 14,00 mm
Direction of Application S/Z
Spool Dimentions DIN 46395 Ø250, Ø315, Ø400, Ø630
Spool Dimentions of Take Up DIN 46395 Ø630, Ø1000, Ø1250