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Our electrical department provides services for electrical project design, low voltage cabinet manufacturing and field contracting projects required for machine and process automation. It provides the project design, production and service of control systems with the highest quality.

Detailed Services 

·          Electrical Project Design

·          Panel Design and Manufacturing

·          Panel Revisions

·          Fault Analysis

·          Maintenance-Repair Services

·          Field Tests

·          Remote Support

·          Spare Parts Supply

Our purpose is to ensure that our partners "SUPPLY QUALITY, AFFORDABLE PRICE" at every stage of production and we care about the principle of "CUSTOMER SATISFACTION".

The low voltage electrical panels that we produce have high international safety standards. Our Low Voltage Panels are assembled by our expert technical team in our electrical design and manufacturing department.

Our projects are designed in our technical office, the electrical and mechanical assemblies of our projects which we have designed are made by our expert technical team in the field.

The tests of Low Voltage panels are delivered to our customers after tests in accordance with the IEC 61439-1 standards, which are the routine tests of the panel.

Our panels are designed by using EPLAN P8 , EPLAN ProPanel , EPLAN Copper , EPLAN FiledSys and Cad with respect to International IEC 61355-1 and IEC 81346-2 standards.

‘We design our Electrical Panels according to Industry 4.0…’

To be able to produce competitively in the future, all engineering data must be available in all systems in digital forms. Therefore we offer you a versatile service that not only standardizes your data, but also an innovative transform to the production process. Our projects are both standards-compliant and future-oriented.

We create up-to-date and digital documents that can be individually tailored to your needs, expanded, improved, compact and used for perfected digitally controlled production.

Interfaces where we design our digital documents;

• Creating a circuit diagram with EPLAN Electric P8 and modifying it according to your specifications.

• Designing our Projects in foreign languages with EPLAN Electric P8

• Preparing and presenting 3D model views with EPLAN Pro Panel

• Creation of terminal plans, cable overviews and parts lists

• Creation of material orders, terminals and wiring kits

• Creating copper dimension drawings with EPLAN Pro Panel Copper

• Field cable quantity calculations with EPLAN FieldSys