CSM Metalurji was established in Istanbul in 2002 as a product of an experience of more than 30 years in the fields of process and manufacturing engineering in iron and steel industry.

CSM METALURJI for customers who want to produce steel wires and products, designing of high efficiency plants, providing services at all stages from production to installation and commissioning of the products to marketing of the products.

In this sense, CSM METALURGY is not only a machine manufacturer, but it also designs and produces the most suitable machines and process equipment for the steel wire industry with its extensive process experience.

Wire drawing, galvanizing, patenting and phosphate coating processes are the areas where CSM METALURGY is most ambitious.

On the other hand, after the commissioning, it provides consultancy services for customers to get ideal working conditions.

For this purpose, the following issues are given importance in equipment and process design.

Optimization of investment cost
Product quality in international norms
Low operating cost
High energy efficiency
CSM METALURGY in fulfilling these functions, he has always taken the principle of "always better". Also, research and development and innovation studies in machine-equipment design are indispensable activities for CSM METALURGY.

Reliability, honesty, system and security are the requirements for all requirements of CSM METALLURJI. For this purpose, the device and its design are tightened.

Our Vision
Our Vision
To be the one of engineering firm, among the best engineering firms firstly in its region and then in the world in the turnkey construction of production facilities.
Our Mission
Our Mission
To be a firm, beyond the customer needs, generating new methods, new systems and solutions, reliable, fulfill the social and environmental responsibilities to its country, to its region and to the whole world.