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The different specifications for the equipment to be used in the Wire Drawing Line are given below as an option;

·  Accumulated OTO TYPE for first blocks,
·  Double deck or single stage STRIPPER output blocks,
·  Die boxes suitable for the pressure dies,
·  Rotating die boxes,
·  Temperature sensors for dies and blocks,
·  Ceramic or tungsten carbide coating on the drawing Capstans,
· Ceramic or tungsten carbide coatings on dancer and transfer pulleys,
·  Control cabinet with cooling systems,
·  Straighteners on the winding traverse,
·  Remote control and access systems,
·  Turk head and rolling cassettes,
·  Vibration sensors for spoolers,
·  Coiler water cooling system,
·  Air cooling systems for drawing blocks,
·  Dust collection systems for drawing machines.


CSM METALURJI is not only a machinery and equipment manufacturer, CSM METALURJI is also a know-how and technology provider in wire drawing, galvanizing, phosphate-borax coating and other similar wire processes. From steel wire production process design and cost analysis to market research, CSM present consultancy services in wire business.

Other Wire Drawing Accessories

·  Laser measuring systems for sensitive wire diameter,

·  Motorized or manual soap stirrers

·  Software for production data collection and reporting software,

·  Wire catching arms for drawing capstans,

·  Dust proof safety guards for wire drawing machines,

·  Cooling water flow control indicators for wire drawing machines,

·  Collapsible Spools or fixed flange spools.