Wire Coiling/Uncoiling Solution
Belt Haul - Off Stationary Capstan Take Up Frames
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This type of take up is used to produce excellent quality pattern laid coils with high speed for small diameters in galvanizing line. The machine frame consists of sections of heavy fabricated construction bolted together. The capstans are on vertical axis and bolted to the frame. The winding arms are of solid steel plate construction providing a mounting for two guide sheaves and the belt haul-off. 

The belt haul-off is rotating together with the winding arm and avoids wire slipping on the capstan. Each winding arm can be operated individually and is driven, through a reduction gear, a toothed belt and pulleys, by an AC motor. An inclined turntable fitted on a trolley is set beneath each capstan. Each turntable is individually driven through reduction gears by an AC motor. 

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